The Norfolk County Sports Hall of Recognition was established in 1994 and a sports wall of recognition was developed at Talbot Gardens Arena in Simcoe in 1996.

Interest in the wall grew to include the preservation of sports memorabilia that might otherwise be lost.

A special gallery was developed at Simcoe’s Lynnwood Arts Centre (now the Norfolk Arts Centre) to preserve and highlight Norfolk County sports accomplishments. In 2006, the committee decided to relocate the Sports Hall and Wall of Recognition to the Simcoe Recreation Centre, now the Annaleise Carr Aquatic Centre, at Norfolk County Fairgrounds. The display was officially opened to the public in October 2006.

The Norfolk County Hall of Sports Recognition was commissioned by the committee in 1999, designed by Norfolk County artists and cabinet maker David Beckett. Beckett developed its unique design with the assistance and talents of local artist Robert Judd, Gary Walker and Mike Barber.

Financial contributions from the Norfolk Pros Foundation, Simcoe Foundation, and Trillium Foundation helped to develop this project.