Nomination Criteria

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

Individual Athletes
Born in Norfolk County or raised here or lived at least 5 years in Norfolk
Achieved outstanding accomplishments in athletics at the local, provincial and or national level
Has brought recognition to our County
Has given back to the community

Contributed to sport in Norfolk as a coach, manager, organizer, administrator, Official or builder    OR contributed financially for many years as a sponsor
Served at the local, provincial or national level for more than 10 years
Has given back to the community

Sports Ambassadors
Born in Norfolk County or raised here or lived at least 5 years in Norfolk
Sports ambassadors are spokespersons, boosters, personalities that exemplify everything about the game, sportsmanship, rallying for the cause, and showing a dedication and love for sport in our area.
They are beyond passionate about their favorite athletic endeavours and their community, even though they may not be official members of a certain team.

Key Information to Include in Your Nomination Package
Personal contact information for the nominee
Nominee’s years of service or involvement in sport
Level of nominee’s service or competition (community, district, provincial, national, international)
Other awards the nominee has won
Documentation to support the nomination (can include newspaper articles, magazine articles, information from professional trade magazines, sports newsletters, etc.)
Photos of the nominee in action
References (at least 2) that illustrate the outstanding nature of the nominee’s achievements, how they made a positive impact on those around them, and the significance of their impact
Description of how the nominee has given back to the community (some of this may be included in the letters of reference)