25th Anniversary Book

George Pond’s book Norfolk County Sports Hall of Recognition: The First 25 Years outlines the historic highlights of the Norfolk County Sports Hall of Recognition’s formation and first quarter-century of operation. In addition to the Sports Hall’s historic highlights, contents include:

-Profiles and photos of each of the individual inductees, including those honoured at the 2019 Induction
-Photos and a brief description of the 11 teams inducted into the Hall
-Information about each of the Reunion of Champions events, and a list of teams recognized at the Reunion of Champions events
-List of Parade of Champions honorees and teams, up to and including the 2018 event
-Information about Stanley Cup recognition events, the Red Kelly Homecoming, and the Brimmer-Demeyere Golf Tournament

Books can be purchased at any Norfolk County Public Library Branch, at the customer service desk of the Annaleise Carr Aquatic Centre, and at the Tan-Mar Shoppe in Port Dover. Cost is $25.