Team Induction/Reunion of Champions Events

During the first ten years of the Hall’s operation, a number of Provincial Championship teams were inducted, one or two at each induction dinner. It became evident, however, that at that rate it would take an unreasonable amount of time to induct all past teams that had qualified for induction, and the Sports Hall’s Constitution stated that any team winning a Provincial Championship was eligible.

The decision to move the Induction Ceremonies to the Greens at Renton in 2007 forced the issue. It would be both financially and logistically impossible to induct teams as part of the Induction Dinners, as had been done in the past. The solution arrived at was to hold Team Induction/Reunion of Champions Events to recognize past provincial, national, and international championship teams. Click the appropriate geographic area below to see the list of teams inducted at each of these events.


Langton, Walsingham, and Port Rowan

Port Dover